Samsung C&T Kirikkale Power Plant

Customer: Orion Industry LLC

Project: I&C Works Man Power

Location: Kirikkale, Turkey

Project Delivery: 2017

Project Brief: Instrumentation and Controls Calibration, Testing and Commissioning Works

TAHA Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant

Customer: Bades Electricity Generation Inc.

Project: TAHA Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant Commissioning

Location: Mardin, Turkey

Project Delivery: 2017

Project Scope: Making The Systems Ready For Start-up, Starting Up The Plant and Starting The Energy Generation

Project Brief: 200 MW Capacity, 2+1 Configuration GE PG 6101FA Gas Turbine and Generator, Gas Turbine and Generator, Generator Step-up Transformer, GTG Subsystems, Water Treatment Unit, Insulating Sleeve Busbar, Distribution Transformers, and Medium and Low Voltage Power Panel