TPC Energy Equipment List

1-Insulation_oil_tester1) Insulation Oil Tester – B2HV – BA-80: The ultra-light insulating oil tester of the BA Breakdown Analyzer series for dielectric testing of modern insulation liquids. The test result enables plant operators to evaluate the condition of the insulating oil, allowing them to assess on the need for substitution of the oil. Various predefined and fully automatic test sequences meet all relevant international standards, thus the models of the BA series fulfill all legal requirements of the mandatory transformer oil test.

2-DC_Dielectric_Test_Set2) DC Dielectric Test Set – Phenix – 4100-10: Perform accurate DC hipot testing of electrical switchgear, cables, motors, generators, and protective equipment.

3-AC_Dielectric_Test_Set23) AC Dielectric Test Set – Phenix – 6CP100/50-7.5: Suitable for dielectric testing a wide range of electrical apparatus. The system arrives ready to use with all power and interconnect cables included; the simple setup allows this 6CP to be ready for testing in minutes.

4-Transformer_Winding_Ratio_Tester4) Transformer Winding Ratio Tester – Vanguard – ATRT-03: The ATRT-03 can perform a specific test for each transformer type (such as single phase, delta to Y, Y to delta, delta to delta, or Y to Y) without the need to switch test hookup cables. Also, the unit’s automatic transformer phase detection feature can detect different transformer vector diagrams. The ATRT-03 can automatically detect and test 67 transformer types defined by ANSI, CEI/IEC and Australian standards.

5-Transformer_Winding_Resistance_Tester5) Transformer Winding Resistance Tester – Vanguard – WRM-10P: The WRM-10P is designed to accurately measure resistances ranging from 1 micro-ohm to 2,000 ohms, it can also be used to measure EHV circuit-breaker contact resistance, motor winding resistance, or any low resistance. If the transformer winding temperature is entered, the WRM-10P can calculate the equivalent resistance value of the winding material (aluminum or copper) at any standard reference temperature. Also, a special test mode can run a test for up to 45 minutes while saving resistance readings at one-minute intervals. In addition to measuring the resistance value, the WRM-10P also checks the “make-before-break” tap-switching sequences of voltage regulators and load tap changers.

6-Circuit_Breaker_Analyser6) Circuit Breaker Analyser- Vanguard – DigiTMR-S2: The Vanguard DIGITMR S2 is an inexpensive, easy to use digital circuit breaker analyzer. The DIGITMR S2 can be operated stand-alone or can be computer-controlled. It can fully analyze a circuit-breaker’s performance by testing the contact time, stroke, velocity, over-travel, and contact wipe. Contact and motion analysis can be performed for all breaker contact operations (Open, Close, Open – Close, Close – Open, and Open – Close – Open). Timing results are recorded and displayed on the 240 x 128 pixels back-lit LCD screen and can also be printed on the built-in 4K” wide thermal printer.

7-Contact_Resistance_Analyser7) Contact Resistance Analyser – Vanguard – 200 S3: The Auto-Ohm-200 S3 is Vanguard’s fourth generation, microprocessor-based, true DC micro-ohmmeter. It is designed for testing EHV circuit-breaker contact resistances, bushing contact joints, welding joints, or for any low-resistance measuring application. This high current and very lightweight (16.8 lbs/ 7.6 Kg) micro-ohmmeter is designed to meet the IEEE C57.09-1999 (5.15) requirement for testing circuit breaker contact resistance.

8-Primary_Secondary_Injection_Test_Devices8) Primary & Secondary Injection Test Devices: Using the CPC 100, electrical tests on various assets can be performed: Current transformers, Voltage transformers, Power transformers, Power lines, High-voltage (HV) cables, Grounding systems, Switchgear and circuit breakers, IEC 61850 installations and Protection relays.

9-Phase_Rotation_Tester9) Phase Rotation Tester – Fluke – 9040: The Fluke 9040 is effective for measuring phase rotation in all areas where threephase supplies are used to feed motors, drives and electrical systems. The Fluke 9040 is a rotary field indicator and can provide clear indication of the 3 phase via an LCD display and the phase rotation direction to determine correct connections. It allows rapid determination of phase sequence and has a voltage (up to 700V) and frequency range suitable for commercial and industrial applications. Test probes supplied with the instrument have a variable clamping range for safe contact, especially in industrial sockets.

10-Insulation_Tester10) Insulation Tester – Fluke – 1555: The Fluke 1555 and Fluke 1550C insulation resistance testers, offer digital insulation testing up to 10 kV, making them ideal for testing a wide range of high voltage equipment including switchgear, motors, generators and cables. Fluke insulation testers can now conduct the entire range of test voltages specified in IEEE 43-2000 with a best in class, 3 year warranty and CAT IV 600 V safety rating. With measurement storage and PC interface, the 1555 and 1550C are perfect tools for preventative or predictive maintenance programs designed to identify potential equipment failures before they occur.

11-Battery_Analyser11) Battery Analyser – Fluke – BT521: The Fluke BT521 Battery Analyzer (the Product) is a multifunctional meter designed for the test and measurement of a stationary battery system. The Product can measure the battery internal resistance and voltages. These measurements can be used to determine the overall condition of the system.

12-Infrared_Thermometer12) Infrared Thermometer – Fluke – 568: The 568 Infrared Thermometer (“the thermometer” or “the Product”) is for non-contact temperature measurement. These thermometer determine an object’s surface temperature by measuring the amount of infrared energy radiated by the object’s surface.

13) Hart Field Metrology Well Fluke – 9142-E-P-256 and Hart Dry-Well Calibrator Fluke – 9144-E-P-256: Field Metrology Wells (9142, 9143, and 9144) are designed to be reliable, stable heat sources that can be used in the field or laboratory. They offer accuracy, portability, and speed for nearly every field calibration application. The instruments have been designed with the field user in mind and are easy to use while maintaining stability, uniformity, and accuracy comparable to some laboratory instruments.

14-Hydraulic_Test_Pump_Kit14) Hydraulic Test Pump Kit – Fluke – 700HTPK: Process pressure device provide critical process measurement information to process plant’s control systems. The performance of process pressure instrument is often critical to optimizing operation of the plant or proper functioning of the plant’s safety systems. Process pressure instrument is often installed in harsh operating environments causing their performance to shift or change over time. To keep these device operating within expected limits requires periodic verification, maintenance and calibration.

15-Pressure_Calibrator15) Pressure Calibrator – Fluke – 718 30G: The Fluke 718 pressure calibrator provide a total pressure calibration solution for transmitters, gauges and switches. This compact pressure calibration solution is about a third of the size of comparable instruments and weighs just one kilogram (two pounds). The unique, easy to clean out access ports built into the pump protect the pump from fl uids and provides the ability to service the pump without disassembly.

16-Electric_Pressure_Calibrator16) Electric Pressure Calibrator – Fluke – 719Pro-300G: The 719PRO Pressure Calibrator (the Product) is a simple to use and versatile pressure calibrator. Its internal pressure sensor and innovative electrically-powered pump reach higher pressures (maximum 300 psi) and let the Product calibrate virtually any pressure device. The Product features inputs for mA, voltage, switch contacts, and an RTD probe. An external-pressure module option gives a wider range of pressure calibration options that include absolute and differential.

17-Pressure_Gauge17) Pressure Gauge – Fluke – 700G30: The 700G Series Pressure Gauges (the Product) are high-accuracy digital pressure test gauges. Accurate to 0.05 % FS, the Products can be used as a calibration reference, or in any application where high-accuracy pressure measurement is required.

18-Pressure_Module18) Pressure Module – Fluke – 700P29: The Fluke 700PCK Pressure Calibration Kit makes it possible to calibrate pressure modules at ambient temperature with a precision pressure calibrator or dead weight tester.

19-Field_Communicator19) Field Communicator – Emerson – 475: The 475 Field Communicator is designed to simplify your work in the field. The intuitive full color user interface allows you to leverage the same practices for both HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices.